Finnlines is a well - known Finnish shipping company.

Finnlines is a well - established Finnish shipping company, and its modern fleet of vessels offers the highest level of comfort and a full range of services on Board.


Finnlines uses five ferries named Finnstar, MS Finnmaid, Finnlady, Europalink And Nordlink. Each of the ferries has space for 500 passengers and nine classes of cabins to choose from, all of which have their own bathroom, satellite TV and comfortable beds. The on-site self-service buffet restaurant serves excellent German and Finnish cuisine. The store sells cosmetics, jewelry, sweets, Souvenirs, beverages, alcoholic beverages and snacks. You will also find a gym and sauna with separate Jacuzzis.

Comfortable vessels deliver passengers on three routes. Ferries depart annually from Helsinki to travemünde (Germany). Three identical vessels run on the line: Finnstar, Finnmaid and Finnlady. Travel with Finnlines will take you 29 hours. A large selection of cabins ranging from 10 to 38 square meters. They are provided for travelers with children, people with disabilities, and tourists with Pets. All rooms have a shower, toilet and cable TV. comfortable ferries Finnpartner, Finntrader and the Star - Europalink ferry operate daily on the route from Malmo (Sweden) to travemünde and back. The modern Finnswan ferry will provide you with an unforgettable sea trip from Finland via the Aland Islands to Sweden. Please note that the availability of the vehicle for sure, with the travel on the route Naantali–Langnas–Kapellskär. In addition to bright impressions overboard, you will find comfortable cabins and excellent cuisine of the restaurant. A nice bonus is that meals are already included in your stay on Board. The Duty free shop is closed on flights without calling at Longness. Most services depend on the type and class of cabin you choose. You can find the schedule and prices on our website.


Whether you book a ticket for the Finnlines Helsinki Rostock route, the Finnlines Helsinki Travemunde service, or any other route with this famous Finnish shipping company, you are sure to get a relaxing and enjoyable trip.