How to travel by ferry cheap

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Ferry cruise is one of the most popular types of travel in the world. This type of water transport attracts not only a high level of comfort, but also a lot of opportunities to save money. 

Before planning a ferry trip, we suggest you learn about the easiest ways to avoid overpayments for a ferry cruise. 

How to travel by ferry without overpayments? 

If you are going on vacation by private vehicle, you should take care of booking a ferry in advance. In general, there are fairly standard rules: the earlier the reservation is made, the cheaper the ticket will cost. By the way, the price of a ticket with parking for a personal car depends on the dimensions of the vehicle: the larger it is, the more expensive the reservation.

It is somewhat easier for travelers on foot, because on board a huge ferry you can always find a place for yourself and luggage.

It is important to take into account the principle of pricing for ferry cruises. For pedestrians, the price includes the cost of a seat on board, which is much more profitable compared to flights to the islands. For other categories of passengers, the price also includes a parking space for cars (it will cost at least 30 euros on short routes from 50 euros on long ones), a reserve of seats on deck based on the number of passengers, as well as the hours of their stay on deck. Often, a certain number of passengers is included in the price of personal vehicles. 

Another way to save time and nerves when traveling by ferry with a private car is not to leave valuables in the cabin. If a ferry passenger forgets a wallet with cash and bank cards in the car, it will be almost impossible to get them during the crossing. The best solution is to put valuables in a small waist bag.


How to buy a cheap ticket? 

Foot passengers can always purchase a ticket on the spot, but with an overpayment. To book tickets in order to save money, it is worth at least a month before the trip. You can do this on the website of various aggregators, in the offices of small operators located around the port. By the way, an interactive map will help to understand the location of ports relative to the destination point.

To pay as little as possible, use a simple scheme: find a flight on aggregators and buy a ticket on the carrier's website.

Always compare prices

What you definitely shouldn't do is buy the first ferry ticket you see. Cruise operators are able to lure customers with attractive advertising, but there is no need to rush with the purchase. Before that, you should carefully study the offers from other companies and operators. Most likely you will find a similar ferry cruise much cheaper. It is best to check prices on special aggregators offering the most up-to-date flight information.

Thus, you can find offers with discounts on car transportation, learn about the start of sales in the most popular destinations, become the owner of a free breakfast, etc.

Book excursions yourself

Ferry operators are always happy to offer excursions directly on board. Do not rush to buy them: you can always find much more profitable excursions on the shore. To order local sightseeing tours, we recommend contacting cruise ports or visiting the websites of local agencies.

Refusing the services of a guide will also help to save on excursions: you can walk around the city on your own. At the same time, it is important to keep track of time and keep up with passengers.


Ignore the photographers

In any port, kind photographers will be waiting for you, which it is better to politely refuse. Buying a photo can cost several tens of euros, which is not a reasonable price. Even if you are caught in the lens "accidentally" and asked to pay for a photo, you can refuse to redeem it. You can take a lot of memorable photos yourself: a built-in camera of a good smartphone or a small camera is enough. 

Laundry service

Danger often awaits in the most unexpected places. So is the laundry on the ferry, whose services are obscenely expensive. For washing one thing, the laundry can ask for a few dollars. To avoid frequent washing, take as many change of clothes with you as possible. An alternative solution is to use a self-service laundry, if there is one on the ferry. One big download here will cost a few dollars. You can also always look for a laundry in the port.

Alcoholic beverages 

Each modern ferry has restaurants and bars, the prices of which can be very high. To save on alcoholic beverages, you can try to take one or two bottles with you, but only in consultation with the ferry staff. If it is possible to bring drinks, you will save a very round sum on alcohol.