Places that can only be reached by ferry

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The ferry is one of the most practical types of sea transport. The main advantage of this watercraft is the fact that the ferry is able to get to the most inaccessible places. Moreover, some tourist routes are only available for ferry cruises. We offer to learn more about these places in more detail.

Princes' Islands

Currently, the Princes' Islands are one of the most popular destinations for day trips in Istanbul. The peculiarity of these islands is that it is extremely difficult to get to them. Only one type of transport allows you to do this – a ferry. This is due to the lack of automobile traffic on the islands as such. 

The inaccessibility of the islands pays off with the purest air, complete silence and gorgeous landscapes. Warm weather reigns on the islands, the sun shines brightly, which allows you to appreciate the beauty of the local nature. The warm climate is especially relevant for leisurely walks on the deck.

Transport links between the islands and Istanbul are quite stable, ferries operate flights strictly on schedule. Only in adverse weather conditions (fogs, storm warnings) transport by sea is prohibited. In this regard, when planning a trip to the Princes' Islands, it is worth checking the weather forecast in advance. It is recommended to choose sunny days, without precipitation and thunderstorms. Otherwise, the risk of staying on the island until morning is high. If you catch the famous Istanbul wind Lodos, it is better to refuse a trip to the island.

You can get to the islands by ferry from the berths of Bostanji, Kadikoy, Kartal. If you plan to depart from the European part of the city, focus on the Eminenyu pier. The flights are operated by only a few ferry operators: Şehir Hatları and Mavi Marmara. These operators offer different departure schedules. Also ferries Şehir Hatları has larger ferries resembling old steamers. There are cafes and bars on board the ferries, which makes the cruise as comfortable as possible. Mavi Marmara operates smaller ferries, but they are more modern.


Phangan Island

This island is rightfully considered one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. In recent years, there has been a noticeable influx of travelers to the island, which often causes difficulties with their accommodation. It is quite difficult for tourists to find available rooms in hotels or rent a house for a long time. 

Construction of new facilities, including private houses and hotels, is actively underway in Phangan. Nevertheless, it is necessary to book places for accommodation in the winter-spring period in advance.

An important point: there is no airport on Phangan. You can only get to the island by ferry from the mainland. Ferries operate daily from 5 am to 7 pm. You can buy a ferry ticket at the ticket office located on the pier, as well as online on the official website of the ferry operator. A printout of the electronic ticket is not required: it is exchanged for a paper one directly at the ticket office. By the way, only Raja Ferry ferries are available for those traveling with private vehicles.